Vertical Blind

Vertical Blind

Somner® Custom Vertical Blinds elevate vertical blinds to a new level of home fashion by featuring a wide range of vinyl, fabric and aluminum styles with colors, textures and patterns to enhance any decor.

Extensive Fabric Choices- Combined with dozens of fabrics to choose from, Somner Collection presents the largest and most complete vertical products offering on the market today.

Exclusive Materials- Several of our patterns have been created with Softex, a textured material that is quiet to the ear and soft to the touch, Lutex which adds a unique translucent sheer look allowing light to come in during the day while providing complete privacy at night, and Duotex for a harmonious neutral tone appearance. The fabric collection features various style, patterns and textures containing an array of synthetic and fiber blends each with its own level of translucency.

Groover Inserts- Most of the fabric in this collection are groover insertable. The Permaclear® vinyl groover insert givers fabric blinds a soft, rich look while providing privacy, temperature control and energy saving. It is guaranteed to stay clear, regardless of sun exposure.

S-Curve Vanes- To stay ahead of the "curve" in the vertical market, Somner now features 3 styles with s-shaped vanes. This custom design look creates a beautiful vertical blind in any window. The S-curve vanes can also be applied as single- or doubled-tiered dust cover valance.

Dust Cover Valance - Available in single and double-tiered style with insert options including fabric, vinyl, aluminium and wallpaper. They protect your valance from dust and dirt and add privacy by blocking outside light.