Sun Louvre

Sun Louvre

Solar Protection Tool

LUXALON® Sun Louvres are specifically designed to provide buildings, and their occupants, with effective, long-term protection against direct solar radiation. By intercepting sunlight, before it strikes window glass, Sun Louvres dramatically reduce heat gain within a room and, at the same time, they eliminate annoying glare. Both benefits add considerably to the comfort and productivity of people using the building, especially during summer months. The effect of solar radiation upon airconditioned buildings will create a heavy demand upon the cooling system in order to cope with the build-up of long-wave radiant heat.

Material Specifications

Luxalon® 84R Sun Louvre panels are roll formed from 0.6 mm thick pre-painted stove enamelled aluminium strip of a corrosion resistant alloy EN-AW-3005 or equivalent (according to EN1396 and ECCA). All aluminium products can be recycled for the full 100% requiring very little energy.

Luxalon® has developed special products for the exterior environment which have properties capable of meeting the severe requirements of external use. The products come with a special high quality surface treatment: Luxacote┬«. The panels get a unique finishing touch with our own industrial coil coating processes. Independent tests have proven the excellent characteristics of Luxacote┬«. The topcoat contains a solid UV filter which provides optimum colourfastness. The topcoat also offers excellent resistance against scratches and the fine structure hides minor damage incurred during installation.