Flotex combines the most attractive features of both carpet and resilient floors without any of the drawbacks. It has a smooth, velour surface that feels soft and velvety like carpet - and is warm, comfortable, slip resistant and has excellent sound deadening properties. Yet it also has the water and wear resistance of a resilient floor, can be cut by hand and is fully washable. Flotex flooring is perfect for home theatre flooring & designer flooring.

Flotex is anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-static and does not harbour stale odours. This helps maintain hygiene even in the high traffic areas where its very hardwearing qualities are required, such as schools, hotel foyers, hospitals, offices, public buildings and airports.

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Flotex HD

Flotex HD is a hardwearing and hygienic textile flocked floor covering reinvented to make use of the latest high definition printing techniques. As a result, it produces patterns and images that appear almost three-dimensional in their use of vivid colours, fine details and real looking textures. It not only looks jaw-droppingly beautiful. But gives extra depth and richness to a space, helping create the effect or mood you desire. Flotex HD’s advanced capabilities open up numerous possibilities for interior design and architecture.

Flotex Sottsass

Introducing a radical new direction in combining dynamic design with pioneering and innovative product technology. “The Sottsass Collection” is a directional new collection in Flotex , a highly specified, technologically advanced flooring product. Ground-breaking both aesthetically and technically, this collection is the result of a creative collaboration with Italian design studio - Sottsass Association.

Ettore Sottsass and his partner and head of studio, Christopher Redfern, have together created the four designs that comprise this new Flotex collection, and it is manufactured using specially developed print technologies, which set a new bench mark for rendering high quality images onto textile.